....Thomas Meinhof schreibt in seinem Echte-Männer-machen-Yoga-Blog über genau das. Er kam kürzlich für eine Klasse bei uns vorbei und heute ging sein Blog Post online. Thomas schreibt so informativ wie witzig. Wir hatten keine Ahnung, dass der Wedding solch rebelliöse Wurzeln hat. Aber wir wussten von Anfang an, dass das Studio genau am richtigen Ort liegt. 

Hier der Link zum Artikel: http://yogadu.de/studiocheck-berlin-yoga-rebellion

Und für all die Männer unter euch, vergesst nicht, dass es  bei der Rebellion auch darum geht  zu akzeptieren, dass echte Männer Yoga  machen. :-)

Vielen Dank an Thomas für den super Artikel! Vergesst nicht seine Facebook Seite zu liken damit ihr in der Zukunft weiterhin alles über Yoga und Männer erfahrt. 


Thomas Meinhof writes in his Real-Men-do-yoga blog about just that. He recently came over for a class at the studio and today his blog post went online. Thomas writes as informative as funny. We had no idea that Berlin-Wedding has such rebellious roots. But we knew from the beginning that the studio is situated at the right place.

Here is the link to the article: http://yogadu.de/studiocheck-berlin-yoga-rebellion

And for all the men amongst you, do not forget that part of the rebellion is to accept that real men do yoga. :-) Thanks to Thomas for the great article!

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Here the text of his article for our English speaking friends:



Historically the Wedding is something like the revolutionary nucleus of the Republic: In the 19th century originated from the labor movement what (admittedly somewhat watered-down) are social democrats today. And in the damned general election of 1933, the lowest number of votes of all Berlin districts came from the Wedding, the communist KPD was the outstanding winner. The Wedding still lives by this legacy and many new and established Berliners prefer in recent years to move out of the gentrified Kreuzberg and Neukölln in the northwest of the city. Where, if not here, can you start a rebellion?


Exactly this idea had Laura Gerber and Carsten Fleck when they were looking for a location for their yoga school. They found it on a small peninsula where Seetstraße meets the Westhafen. It can’t even be called a central spot by savvy real estate agents, but the advantages are obvious: The school is located on a sprawling former industrial site downright conspiratorial offside. And it is probably is the only yoga studio in Berlin right on the water. Anyone who wants can actually moor directly at the jetty and attend a Yoga class, in good weather, the classes are taught directly on the pier. And because that is not enough, behind the studio there is a grassy area, where Yoga can be practiced as well. Revolutionary? In any case.


The leader of the Yoga Rebellion are experienced yogis, flow is even part of the resume. Laura grew up in Switzerland, where she started to dance ballet at a young age, after practicing Kendo and Indian dance and Mudra Yoga she arrived at the so-called Martha Graham technique (a combination of yoga and dance). In New York, she deepened her dance education for five years and then studied Fashion Design. Wow.

Carsten’s Vita reads perhaps even more impressive (he is also the elder of the two): After school, he had a solid education as a bank clerk, and then sailed with the navy across the Atlantic. During this time he came to New York the first time, where he would later work for 17 years as a photographer. In New York, he attended his first yoga classes, among others with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga. Ahoy. Since 2013 Carsten is back in Germany and teaches since then in different schools in Berlin.


Based on classical Ashtanga Yoga, the two operators of Yoga Rebellion developed an "integrative modular system", in which the individual classes build upon each other. The basis is the "Align" classes, which (as the name suggests) are geared towards the proper alignment of the asanas. Based on it, there is for experienced yogis the "Stretch" - "Flow" - and "Strength" classes (again the names speak for themselves) in different lengths of up to 120 minutes. I tested a 60-minute "Flow" class and was happy and sweaty in the end. A two hour class at this intensity would for sure make me more fluid then stiff. In addition to the physically appealing Yoga classes Laura and Carsten offer guided meditations. I do this the next time I visit them.


Laura and Carsten are actively working on a rebellion through yoga. They think yoga has become too domesticated, they feel that the suspense is missing. Here Yoga is more than back exercises and sitting on the ground. Yoga allows us to overcome limits, physically and in the head. The rebellion begins when we do things that we never thought that we can. Men in particular have frequently eye-opening experiences. First, they learn that Ashtanga Yoga is a physically tough workout. And secondly, it lets them experience success (the first headstand for example, that Laura likes to introduce in the first class). Especially men learn a lot about themselves when they get engaged. Humility. Weakness. Identity. And in this brutal, male-dominated world, yoga has according to Laura and Carsten quite the potential to save the world. The first step in their opinion, the step on the mat: People have to "just do it", then they discover yoga by itself and change. A nice thought.