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....Es ist uns eine große Freude, euch mitzuteilen, dass Laruga Glaser unserer Einladung gefolgt ist und einen dreitägigen Workshop in der Yoga Rebellion Berlin geben wird. Sie ist eine der weltweit bekanntesten und sehr erfahrenen Vertreter des Ashtanga Yoga. Sie begann die Praxis dieser wunderschönen Stilrichtung des Yoga bereits im Jahre 1998 und studierte lange Zeit mit Sri K. Pattabhi Jois und dessen Enkel in Mysore / Indien, wo sie eine Autorisierung bekam, die Jahrhunderte alte Linie des Ashtanga an ihre Schüler weiterzugeben.

Ihre Praxis ist geprägt von einer femininen Leichtigkeit, Friedlichkeit und einer außergewöhnlichen Kraft. Es wird sicher sehr bereichernd sein, von ihr zu lernen und so unsere individuelle Praxis zu vertiefen.

Wir freuen uns sehr, euch in unserer schönen Schule Yoga Rebellion Berlin zwischen dem 10. und 12. März begrüßen zu können. Die Kosten des Workshops betragen insgesamt 300 Euro und umfasst mehr als 10 Stunden persönlichen Unterricht mit Laruga Glaser.

Der Workshop wird in Englisch Unterrichtet und beinhaltet folgende


 1. Vinyasa Integration

2. Primary Series in Detail

a. Primary Series - 1st half

b. Primary Series - 2nd half

3. Backbending with Ease: Liberate the Spine

4. Intermediate Series Introduction

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Um euren Platz zu reservieren, ist die vollständige Zahlung erforderlich,

Bei Stornierungen, maximal 3 Wochen im Voraus des Startdatums des Workshop, wird eine 20% Verwaltungsgebühr für Erstattungen entzogen.

Es gibt keine Rückerstattungen für Stornierungen, die weniger als drei Wochen vor dem Startdatum des Workshops gemacht werden.




We are very happy to be able to let you know that Laruga Glaser has followed our invitation and will give a three-day workshop at Yoga Rebellion Berlin. She is one of the world's well known and very experienced practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. She began the practice of this beautiful style of yoga as early as 1998 and studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandchildren for a long time in Mysore, India, where she received an authorization to pass the centuries-old line of Ashtanga to her students.

Her practice is characterized by a feminine lightness, peace and extraordinary strength. It will surely be very enriching to learn from her and thus deepen our individual practice.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school Yoga Rebellion Berlin between the 10th and 12th of March. The cost of the workshop is 300 Euros and includes more than 10 hours of personal training with Laruga Glaser.

The workshop is taught in English and includes the following:

Vinyasa Integration (2.5 Hours)

In this workshop special attention will be focused on moving with conscious awareness, in union with conscious breath, otherwise known as vinyasa. Trouble shooting areas of instability that may

be present, you will delve more thoroughly into how to build strength, with care and attention, building upon internal alignment. Focused points of attention will include practical application of

Tristhanam (posture, breath, gaze) into each movement, promoting a calm center and accessing sense withdrawal, known as pratyahara. Learn to activate and open the energy channels of the

body without strain. Discover balance, support and integrity in strength-based postures such as techniques for jumping back and jumping through as well as structural breakdown of challenging poses and transitions.

Primary Series in Detail

Yoga Chikitsa

Primary Series, otherwise known as, Yoga Chikitsa or yoga therapy, is the foundation all the sequences of the Ashtanga Yoga system are built upon and thus highly important. Not only is Primary Series the most important series but also preps the body/mind to open to greater states of awareness, concentration and stability. Learn to find steadiness and ease within each posture as we further investigate the intelligence behind the sequencing and the important application of dristhi, bandhas and breath. In addition, special attention will be focused on moving with conscious awareness, proceeding with conscious breath, otherwise known as vinyasa. Trouble shooting areas of instability that may be present, learn how to thoroughly build strength, with care and attention, building upon internal alignment. This workshop is appropriate for new and established practitioners and is broken up into two workshop sessions.


Primary Series - 1st half (2.5 hours)

Beginning with Dandasana and working up to Navasana.


Primary Series - 2nd half (2.5 hours)

Picking up from Bhuja pidasana and finishing with Setu bandasana.


Backbending with Ease: Liberate the Spine (2.5 Hours)

The paradox of backbending is that we must be firm and soft at the same time, uniting the energy of strength and surrender. Learn the basic components of backbending with integrity to the natural flow of the body. In addition, learn to understand the concept of active release. When actively releasing, we experience the use of grounding mechanisms to establish the downward flow of energy while fully utilizing the breath to then be able to expand and deepen. In this workshop learn the foundational techniques that allow the body to find its depth and strength while at the same time letting go. For all levels.


Intermediate Series Introduction (2.5 Hours)

Nadi Shodana

Intermediate Series, otherwise known as nadi shodana, meaning nervous system cleansing, builds upon the culmination of energy and purification within the practitioner built from the foundation of Primary Series. With deeper backbends and forward bends as well as arm balances, the Intermediate series integrates the use of opposing forces to garner greater unity and strength, both mental and physical, while opening the internal light of awareness within each individual. This workshop is designed to introduce students to the physical, energetic and mental faculties of Intermediate series, appropriate for those who have a solid understanding of Primary series.

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