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Three day Ashtanga Yoga Workshop witch Chuck Miller 5.-7. May 2017

Three day Ashtanga Yoga Workshop witch Chuck Miller 5.-7. May 2017

We are very excited that Chuck Miller is coming for a three day workshop to Yoga Rebellion! Chuck was one of the first Westerners who studied Ashtanga Yoga with Pattabhi Jois and he later on co-founded YogaWorks in Santa Monica. In this workshop he focuses on the following:

Standing authentically.
Using the practice of Samasthiti to find a more natural approach to all asana practices. 
Using Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) and standing posture practices to understand how our Samskaras (impressions/imprints in the deeper structure of the mind) drive us.
Clearing the Samskaras is Nirodha and the purpose of practice. 
We are left with a sense of ease in our body, clarity in our mind. 

For more info please go to our event page.

There are still a few spots available! Please contact us at

Videos with Chuck:


Days of Yoga Blogpost


Vor einigen Tagen haben Uli und Dana vom Berliner Yoga Blog "Days of Yoga" eine unserer "Open Strength" Klassen besucht. Ihr Blog Post ging gestern online:

Wir haben festgestellt, dass wir noch an etwas an unserer Klassenbeschreibung arbeiten müssen. Uli und Dana hatten eine geführte Klasse erwartet. Am Ende gab ihnen die Selbstpraxis aber die Möglichkeit an spezifischen Posen zu arbeiten.

Probiert die "Open Strength" (Mysore) Klassen doch selbst mal aus! 😀 Hier findet ihr unseren Klassenplan.

Danke Uli und Dana! 


A few days ago Uli and Dana from the Berlin based yoga blog "Days of Yoga" visited one of our "Open Strength" classes. Their blog post went online yesterday:

We realised that we still have to work on our class description. Uli and Dana had expected a led class. At the end the self practice enabled them to work on specific poses.

Come by and try out our "Open Strength" (Mysore) classes yourself! 😀 Here you can find our class schedule.

Thank you Uli and Dana!