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A Gentle, Delightful Introduction to Improvisation Skills for Life

We are very happy to have Belina Raffy come to YOGA REBELLION this Friday, August 26 from 8 - 9:30 pm to teach us about Improvisation Skills for Life! 

In this 90-minute, highly interactive workshop, we will practice:

 > - Being comfortable with uncertainty

> - Being present, playful and connected

> - Creating delightful connections with others

 Learn some of the key mindsets from improvisation theatre as applied to life. 

 Bio: Belina Raffy is the Master Collaborator and Empress of, and works closely with people around the world, guiding them to be more adaptive, resilient, innovative, delightful and resourceful humans. She first studied improv in 1996, continuing her studies at the Loose Moose School of Improvisation. She is on the Board of the global Applied Improvisation Network, and is writing a book called ‘Using Improv to Save the World (and me)’. She holds an MBA from Cranfield University in England and has studied with some of the most renowned improvisers in the world. Her passion is to build the capacity of people who do good in the world.

Price 15 EUR

This workshop is in English.