The Inner Castle - Practical Subtle Body Yoga & Anatomy with Veronica Larsson

April 22nd | 11:00am - 5pm
Price: 110 Euros
Where: Yoga Rebellion Berlin Neukölln, Sonnenallee 124, 12045 Berlin
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This workshop is an introduction to the inner world of Energy, and how we can utilize this energy to support and create optimal our yoga practice, well-being, and lives. 

You will get an experiential understanding of how to access the Laws of Natural Movement of Life-Energy in the Body, and how these benefit and compliment aspects of your yoga practice.  

The Subtle Body in Yoga includes Chakras - Energy Centers along the spine; Nadis - energy pathways or meridians; Vayu - internal winds with specific direction and responsibilities, and Kosha - sheets, or layers. All of these aspect influence the balance of our physical body's many systems, our mental state, our mood, our energy, our breath, our heart and spirit. Applying the underlying principles in our practice helps to balance the nervous system, steady the mind, allow vitality and healing to naturally occur, and even burn away karmic energy.


Veronica is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and has trained teachers on Yoga Alliance accredited courses for over 12 years. She now teaches the Subtle Body Anatomy and Yoga Energy Medicine Module on the YA 300 hr teacher training in the Elbowroom in Dublin, and teaches workshops, trainings and retreats in Ireland and California. 


Interview with Veronica about the Inner Castle workshop:


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